WWE: Ask Saudia Arabia (GRR Promoters) To Release Human Rights Activists

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Dear WWE,

We know part of why WWE presented the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudia Arabia this year was to become part of the culture there and help it progress. WWE is currently experiencing a "Women's Evolution" that will help give young people positive female role models to look up to. That's why we have also addressed this to your many charitable partners, such as GLAAD, Make A Wish, and more. 

The world needs your help. Please help end the human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia by asking the royal family to release Israa al-Ghomgham and other human rights activists currently imprisoned in the country. Saudia Arabia is currently planning to behead al-Ghomgham and others who have championed human rights in the country. 

WWE's recent 10-year agreement with the Saudi Royal Family puts your company in a unique position to help save the lives of these courageous activists. 

The European-Saudi Organisation for Human Rights commented on Ghomgham’s activism, saying: “She called for fundamental and basic civil and political rights, such as peaceful assembly and expression, for the release of prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders, and expressed her peaceful opinions on social media platforms.”

We know WWE supports the same causes she does. 

According to the Human Rights Watch, Saudi authorities have also been holding five other activists, who are facing the death penalty, in pre-trial detention without legal representation for over two years.

We the undersigned are asking for WWE to please ask the Saudi Arabian government to release these prisoners and if they do not, please commit to ending your 10-year relationship with the Saudi government to send the message that human rights abuses will lead to decreased trade and financial losses. 

Thank you for your work to bring about progressive change,