Obtain a variance in Kincaid so I may continue to run my senior sanctuary in the city.

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Hello neighbor,

I need your help. 

My name is Clare Duran and I run a non-profit animal rescue organization called FurEver Fosters. I am seeking signers on the petition I will be presenting at the next Village of Kincaid Board meeting. Your signature will show the community supports my rescue and its presence in Kincaid and Christian County. 

I as a a representative of FurEver Fosters, am applying for a variance to allow me to have more than the current ordinance limit of 3 animals/household and to allow us to keep the dogs in my rescue. I take in senior dogs who are at their end stages of life and give them the best end of life care that any animal could ever want. I do not discriminate against age or illness. I provided them all with quality veterinary care as well as love and nurturing until they take their last breath. Most of my dogs have health issues such as cancer, cardiomyopathy, severe arthritis and other age related health issues. They are all small dogs under 25lbs and pose no threat within the community. I have a fully fenced in dog yard in the back of my house and have taken additional steps to help reduce the noise of barking. I clean up after my pets several times a day to prevent the spread of any waste related diseases and my dogs never get lose and run the neighborhood. 

 All of my dogs are also spayed, neutered, fully vaccinated, on flea/tick & heartworm preventatives as well as microchipped. I have also applied and have been pre-approved by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to be a licensed animal welfare organization in Illinois.

 Please show your support by signing my petition to allow me the special variance to keep the animals in my rescue remain a part of the Village of Kincaid.

 Thank you!

Clare Duran 

1232 Springfield Street  Kincaid, IL 62540



FurEver Fosters is a 501c3 non-profit organization working hard with the community to save senior and special needs dogs. 

In shelters, senior dogs and dogs with special needs cost on a average 70% more in medical and daily care. This is why so many Senior and Special needs dogs are euthanized. FurEver Fosters looks beyond the age, ailment and disability of the animal and we concentrate on the quality of life we can give them for the time they have left. We work with foster homes to properly care for and give the dog a loving and nurturing environment so that they dog can live out its life still feeling loved and cherished as the day they were born.

 FurEver Fosters does NOT breed, sell or abuse animals. We promote proactive population control within the community for all animals. Most of the animals we take in are special hospice cases. For instance, we have 8 senior dogs that all have serious heart issues. These dogs are deemed un-adoptable by shelters so we take them in so they can live out their remaining days comfortable and loved.  

 We also have a couple of programs we would like to bring to Christian County with the members of the community in mind. These programs were highly successful where I just moved from in Indiana and I feel I can make them just as successful in our area as well.

The first program is Senior Sitters for Critters. SSC program provides fully vetted senior companion animals with Senior Citizens. We began this program in 2011 because as I worked with the Senior community I seen how being around animals brought so much joy to the Senior Citizens I helped. I began placing senior dogs with my clients and it was like it gave them a whole new lease on life. They had something to look forward to each and every day. It gave them a purpose to get up out of bed. Several of my clients told me how happy they were because they now had a purpose in their late lives. We do not charge Seniors any adoption fees and we will continue to help with pet food and check in on the home, especially for those that have no family members in the area. This allows us to make sure the Senior Citizen is ok as well as the animal we place with them.

 We also have a very successful program called The Fido Fund of FurEver Fosters that assists low-income individuals with the cost of spay/neuter, microchipping and proper vaccinations. We began this program in the Michiana area in 2013 and in 5 years we were able to spay, neuter and vaccinate over 3,700 animals. I believe that we can do the same for the residents of Christian County once we become established and the word is spread about our organization. The Fido Fund of FurEver Fosters is also a 501c3 organization and we have applied for over $100,000 in grants which we hope to get for the 2019 year so that we can begin to really help the community where we are based. 

 What we are seeking for our rescue is a special variance that allows us to be able to keep on average 10-15 senior and special needs dogs in our home. As I said, these dogs are all seniors and would have otherwise been euthanized in shelters. We strive to have each dog placed in a loving foster home, but since we are new to the area we are still diligently trying to acquire approved fosters. This takes time.

 I appreciate your consideration of my request and hope that you will allow me to bring to Kincaid and Christian County my expertise, dedication and diligence as an animal rescuer.

Clare M. Duran, Founder

FurEver Fosters, Inc. & The Fido Fund of FurEver Fosters