Stop The Lights Festival in Unionville PA

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As a mother of young kids who has seen Tangled a billion times, I understand the allure of releasing burning lanterns into the sky and watching them float up and out of view.  As a person not living in a Disney movie, I understand the potential danger these lanterns pose.  This festival has been held at Plantation field a handful of times in the last few years.  Each time they run it, I worry about my horses who are just over the hill from this site.  Not to even get into the amount of noise and litter that is created from this event, it's just plain old dangerous.  There are fields full of livestock, barns filled with hay, and houses very nearby.  Each time they release the lanterns, I wait for a tragedy.  One of my horses is blind.  If he panics, I don't even want to think about the trouble he could get himself into. 

There are countless stories online of lanterns landing in a bad spot and doing damage to horses, cows, fields, and wildlife.  There is also a big mess left behind.  The morning after, it looks awful.  They do make an effort to clean it up, but there are lanterns left months later.  It's ugly.  The landscape at this location is so beautiful.  Please don't ruin it with trashy lantern bags. 

When you look up information about Viive Events LLC online, you see nothing but bad press.  They have an "F" rating from the BBB for many reasons.  They list on their website that they work with local charities, but I couldn't find one legitimate charity this event in Unionville is linked to.  There is a Facebook page called "The Lights Fest Scam." 

I tried to contact this event months ago through their contact us form on their website.  I encouraged my barn friends to do the same.  None of us got a response from Viive Events LLC.  That is one of the reasons it got an "F" from the BBB.  They don't respond to the many complaints they get.