Convince Viggo Mortensen to act in another sequel to Appaloosa with Ed Harris directing.

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Appaloosa was a great contemporary Western and one that produced a great chemistry between the two leading characters Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch played by Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen respectively. The film's ending, following the book of the same name by Robert B. Parker, was set up for a sequel with Hitch going away from Appaloosa after killing Bragg. There are too few great Western genre films produced today but this was one of them. Please let the chemistry between these two characters continue as there are many fans of this film and book series that would love to see it come to screen again.

It is understood that even though Ed Harris has expressed interest in directing and acting in a sequel, Viggo Mortensen did not. This seems to be the biggest stumbling block to making another sequel - to convince Mr. Mortensen that we love his work and would like to see it continue. Viggo Mortensen has acted in some great Western genre films - this one as well as Hidalgo and Young Guns II. It's true that the film was produced in 2008 and the characters have aged but a film could be made with the characters also older - the books Resolution, Brimstone and Blue-eyed Devil could be skipped and the story take up as in the book written by Robert Knott (who also wrote and worked on the Appaloosa film) - Ironhorse. We hope he considers this request and that negotiations can begin on creating a sequel to this fabulous film.