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Illogical presentation of surrogacy in Dil se Dil Tak. Stop showing affairs and abuses.

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Dil Se Dil Tak being broadcasted on Colors channel premiered on 30 January 2017. The makers promoted the serial as showcasing a sensitive side of surrogacy and the relationship between the couple and the surrogate or that's what we viewers thought. Seven months into the show we didn't see the stress and tough time the couple and the surrogate go through to keep the baby safe. The Indian soap opera showed the surrogate trying to be the second wife and go after a man who is happily married to his wife. The serial showed that it's okay to obsess after a married man and go on lengths to achieve the status of a second wife aka promoting polygamy. Later barring this obsession and affair talk, we were shown the mother in law be abusive (verbally) towards her daughter in law. This was the last straw for me. 

The makers thought it was okay to promote the affair of the surrogate and the married man as love. I cringe whenever I see the surrogate touching the husband and force him to accept her love and make a move to become second wife. This contradicts what surrogates are. The serial makes sure to show surrogacy in bad light. It shows surrogates are not respectable and go behind husbands. This sends a wrong message to the viewers that any woman who is a surrogate cannot be trusted as a person and will have an affair with the husband just because she's carrying the couple's baby. 

Lastly the daughter-in-law is shown to be tolerating the abuses hurled on her by her mother-in-law and not standing up for herself. The mother-in-law taunts the  daughter-in-law for being childless and is showing showering praises on the surrogate on carrying the son's baby. Every member in the family without logic thinks the baby as the surrogate's and the married man.  This makes me sad that the makers show it's okay to accept any sort of abuse in any form and not stand up to it. There are countless woman who face this sort of abuse of being childless. This serial amplifies it and shows the surrogate as being regarded as a daughter-in-law in presence of the wife. 

I'm sure in the future we'll be shown marriage between the surrogate and the husband because of the logic that she's carrying the child of the couple she's the rightful mother and wife. We just don't want that. Surrogacy doesn't happen this way and surrogates don't marry the father of the baby. It shows surrogates in poor light. 

I just want the channel to stop the concept of affairs, obsessive love, polygamy and abuse shown in the serial. The unnecessary touch between a married man and the surrogate are cringe worthy. It sells the idea that it's okay for a husband to touch other woman even when he has a wife. 

It's time the makers of this serial start thinking logically on how actually the surrogacy is in reality and stop polygamy talks. It's not okay to show second wife or remarriage just because she is childless and the in-laws want it.  Most importantly show that it's not okay for the woman who is a wife and daughter in-law to tolerate abuse and mental agony of any kind. 


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