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Change the name of Batman station to Aquaman station.

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Dear Minister, I and the undersigned request that you consider the following proposal.

I live very close to Batman station, in North Coburg on the Upfield train line. I use it very frequently, as do many other Coburghers and visitors. Having a train station named after a superhero is fantastic. My children think it's very cool that we can go to Batman station and catch a train straight to the zoo - Batman and seals in one day!

Unfortunately, the station wasn't named after the Caped Crusader. As you're no doubt aware, it instead commemorates John Batman, regarded as the founder of Melbourne. John Batman who, in his own words, shot and killed two wounded aborigines (wounded by him) because transporting them alive was too difficult. The below is an excerpt from his letter to police magistrate Thomas Anstey dated 7/9/1829:

“(The group) Were in the act of running away into the thick scrub, when I ordered the men to fire upon them, which was done, and a rush by the party immediately followed, we only captured that night one woman and a male child about two years old, the party was in search of them the remainder of the night.

“The next morning we found one man very badly wounded in his ankle and knee, shortly after we found another 10 buckshot had entered his body, he was alive but very bad, there was a great number of traces of blood in various directions and learned from those we took that 10 men were wounded in the body which they gave us to understand were dead or would die, and two women in the same state had crawled away, besides a number that was shot in the legs.

“On Friday morning we left the place for my farm with the two men, woman and child, but found it quite impossible that the two former could walk, and after trying them by every means in my power, for some time, found I could not get them on. I was obliged therefore to shoot them.”

Times have changed, thankfully. Actions such as these are no longer tolerated and nor should they be. The time is well past for Batman's name to be removed from the train station.

The thing is, though, it really is rather cool that Melbourne has a train station named after a superhero. I therefore propose that, in recognition of the Dark Knight's work with the Justice League, the station be named after one of his colleagues. Given the proximity of the station to both Coburg lake and the Coburg Olympic swimming pool, I ask that the station on the Upfield line be renamed Aquaman station.

With thanks,
Greg Potter

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