Stop the use of 1080 Poison along our Coastline.

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1080 Fox Off Bait is a Lethal Poison used by Parks Victoria to Kill Foxes in the Sand Dunes along the Belfast Coast.

But 1080 does NOT discriminate – It Kills Everything  !!                                        It is Hideous, Barbaric and Cruel !!

The Poison is retained in the environment and it continues to Kill as it moves through the Food Chain.       IT IS DEADLY ... !!                     Each animal will become bait for the next...

Our beautiful Birds of Prey have fallen victim to this Lethal Poison......  We are finding dead Barn Owls, Hawks and Eagles in our paddocks, on our beaches and in our back yards. Crows can carry the baited remains great distances. Our Family Pets are exposed when they come across a contaminated carcass.

One local resident who lives alongside the Belfast Coastal Reserve describes the Traumatic Death of her beloved Maremma dog, Charlie.........

....…“ Suddenly he became very frightened and distressed, whimpering and cowering. Then he started drooling and defecating. This was followed by frenzied uncontrolled running, then collapse. When collapsed he rapidly paddled with his legs and then started continuous seizures.Within an hour and emergency vet consultation, Charlie was dead, before being able to be humanely 'put down'.   It was classic death by 1080…....”

It is Cruel and Barbaric - ” ....Be the animal native, feral or pet, the death is slow and painful..”.

We can’t allow any animal to die like this on Our Watch !!

This  “Kill Everything”  approach is a Lazy and Reckless Management Practice.  The Bureaucrats from the City have no idea how to manage our Local Coastline.

They think they can just “Drop It and Leave it”, with no regard for the community’s previous Coastal Management success. It is insulting to the locals, who have for generations overseen a strong and healthy Sand Dune Beach Environment.

Join the Campaign to STOP 1080 POISON along our Victorian Coastline.

Save our Beautiful Birds of Prey, our Native Wildlife and our beloved Family Pets from this  “Kill Everything” method of Feral Animal Control.

Tell Parks Victoria – We don’t need their Cruel and Barbaric          1080 Fox-Off Poisonous Bait anywhere near our beautiful Belfast Beaches....