Stop the Government Banning Recreational Horse Riders and Dog Walkers from Our Beaches

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The Victorian Government is turning the South West Coast of Victoria into nothing more than a POLICE STATE. They have deceived us. They had led us to believe that the talk was only about Race Horses on the beach, when actually THEIR REAL INTENTION was to ban all dog walkers and all recreational horses from the beach.

They are systematically rolling out “Coastal Reserve Management Plans” which are nothing more than Office Templates. Outrageous and ridiculous so it may seem - it is true!! The Government wants to control your every move, they want to patrol your free spaces and prosecute you as they wish.

Put simply, the Government via Parks Victoria are planning to ban all recreational horse riding and all dog walking from Killarney through to Warrnambool. The loss of liberty in the South West will be enormous.

This is a separate issue to the controversial Race Horses training on the beaches. This is a sudden change of direction with the aim to shut down the beaches from historical use, close off favourite walking tracks, and lay down arbitrary boundaries to dictate to us where we can go and what we can do when we get there.

Under the draft plan, it will be illegal to ride your pony or walk your pet dog along any of the Armstrong Bay Beaches for now and into the future. Forget floating your horse to Gormans Road and riding on the beach. Forget popping the dogs in the back of the car and heading over to the Basin to walk your dog along the water’s edge – it will be illegal under the new Belfast Coast Management Plan.

From the Killarney boat ramp right across to near Levies at Warrnambool, all horses and all dogs will be banned. You will be breaking the law if you are seen with them in the area. All people caught on horses or with dogs (even on a lead) will be deemed to be trespassing and issued with fines or prosecution.

But what are they are really telling you? By banning you from your beaches, the Victorian Government is telling you that they don’t trust you. That you are incapable of using the beaches responsibly and that you don’t care for the environment. No matter how careful you are at keeping your distance from the roped off nesting areas, no matter if it is in the middle of the week or the middle of winter and the birds are no longer nesting, Parks Victoria don’t trust you and don’t want your dog or horse on the beach – at all – under no circumstances – for ever.

Do you feel like you are being watched and photographed at the moment? Well that is nothing. Soon you will be monitored and policed. It is an outrageous abuse of power. The surveillance will be extensive and the cost to rate payers will be enormous. It is outrageous that the Government can do this to you simply by handing out a glossy booklet over a couple of weekends. The city based bureaucrats have ticked you off their job list with no regard for your health and well-being, or your love of the lifestyle close to the beach.

But all is not all lost. The plan is only in its “Draft Phase”. There is still time to change it. Have your say and make a difference. The only way to have your say is by submitting a response via their online portal: 

It will be the numbers that decide the direction of your future lifestyle. So have your say, add to the numbers and get your submission in NOW ..


Don’t let the Government tell you what Zone you can live your life in. Say that you want to:

1.       Walk your Dog along the Armstrong Bay Beaches – currently marked as the Dark Green Zone

2.       Ride your Horse along the Armstrong Bay Beaches – currently marked as the Dark Green Zone

3.       Access the Towilla Way Track currently marked within the Dark Green Zone

STAND UP FOR YOUR LIFE CHOICES. Take back your liberties. Don’t let your recreational activities be controlled by a Government Template. Fill in your submission.

Go to the portal at this address: 


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