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Help protect animals by banning the sale of pets through classifieds such as Gumtree.

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We recently purchased a kitten from Gumtree and our experience has been a sad exercise in heartbreak and loss of trust in people. While my past adoptions were through shelters, this one occurred with more haste than I would normally have, as some upsetting events for my 13 year old daughter prompted us to buy a much longed for kitten. We had resisted this for quite some time as we already have 2 cats but finally relented. There were a number of alarm bells that should have rung when I went to view the kitten: the seller arrived at what was supposedly his home, but did not park in his own empty driveway on a crowded street; he claimed to have left his keys at work, but he brought the kitten from his car. Despite this, I am trusting (too trusting) and in retrospect, I would have felt terrible leaving the kitten in his care. What was meant to be an 8 week old kitten is likely to only be 6 weeks at most, and barely weaned. At the time of writing this, I am pessimistic about his survival as he has gone from a lively, active kitten to not eating, lethargic and sad eyed within a couple of days. He has seen our vet and we are doing what we can to keep him alive. My family faces likely heartbreak in the next day or so as we all love animals. This is doubly cruel though, as the little creature who was going to bring joy to my daughter also has a mother cat out there and probably siblings who are also suffering. While they are allowed to be sold through classifieds such as Gumtree, people are allowed to make money out of factory farming kittens in their backyard, and they are also allowed to keep living creatures in cruel conditions. I know a little about the conditions for the mother cats and now have first hand knowledge of the effect on their kittens. If classified sales can be banned, we can at least make it harder for criminals to make money from the extortion and abuse of living creatures.

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