No Apple store for Federation Square

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This is the official petition of the Our City, Our Square campaign.

URGENT January 30, 2019

Fed Square management has applied for a permit to bulldoze the Yarra building. This comes just 12 weeks before the Heritage Council will decide whether to list Federation Square on the Heritage Register. 

Apple and fed Square management want to bulldoze the building before it can be protected. Yep - totally dodgy and a staggering betrayal of everyone who loves fed Square.

We have just two weeks to fight their application. It takes 30 seconds.

Do we really need another developer knocking down a beautiful building before authorities can protect it?

BTW - we recently asked you to make a submission to the Heritage Council. (That's what got us the hearings in April.) But this is different, urgent and important.

Please send this link around. We want to make our opposition clear.


The proposed development of an Apple store in Federation Square Melbourne is a blatant abuse of precious public space. It's a prime example of a corporation worth billions manipulating government to bolster its own profits. Citizens, as always, will be the loser. 

We need our public spaces to be protected from commercial interests. We do not accept secret commercial deals made between multi-nationals and government.

Federation Square has been a raging success. It belongs to the people - not tax-shy tech giants who dictate their terms to government. 

The 100,000+ Victorian's who have signed the three most popular petitions, want Apple, Federation Square management and the Victorian government to tear up this the crass plan for more retailing. Our Premier needs to reverse this decision.

Apple is welcome to find space in a commercial retail zone like other major retailers. There are many specific options available. 

Visit the official campaign to fight Apple's plan for Federation Square