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3 Levels for VCE Modern Greek

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What are we asking for?

We are asking that you support a proposal for three levels for Greek VCE studies/examinations. This is already available to VCE students learning community languages such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean.

The current system of one VCE Greek Language Examination no longer reflects the different classifications of students who learn Greek and who are first and second language speakers completing a second language examination. More importantly the learning and pathway for VCE Greek is for students with some background in the language. This has hindered growth for Greek language learning. Students with no heritage connection to the language are dissuaded and precluded from attaining a Greek VCE study. There is no examination pathway for them.

The future of Greek language learning is at a crossroads in Victoria. This petition is addressing a current inequity at the VCE level. The increased level of Greek repatriation and migration due to the current economic crisis in Greece has corresponded with newly arrived students having no option but to enroll in the current one VCE Greek exam created for Greek as a second language learners. 

It is time to change the single examination in VCE Greek that has existed since its inception in the 1970s to reflect the levels of Greek language learning and use needed for today and the future.

Please join us as we fight to save the future of Greek as a VCE community language for ALL students in Victoria.

Our initiative is supported by the following organisations and schools: 

AHEPA Greek School 14.11.17

Platon Teaching School Inc 16.11.17

Mavragani Greek Language School Inc 18.11.17

Community of Cypriots of Northern Suburbs of Melbourne Inc 22.11.17

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