Be the Nation that 'StopsThe Race' !

Be the Nation that 'StopsThe Race' !

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The Shame of a Nation!

Stats show that approximately every 3 days, a horse will die on the racetrack in Australia. During training, these horses spend approximately 22 hours of every day alone in a stall the size of a bedroom, resulting in digestive and behavioural abnormalities.

Nearly all horses in the race today will experience bleeding in the lungs, while 50% of horses racing will experience bleeding in the windpipe.

They are drugged to mask the pain from being overworked, and fed food with unnaturally high energy content. The average ‘career’ of a racehorse is 3 years, after which they are ‘discarded’. Every year, 10000-25000 ‘discarded’ racehorses who didn’t ‘make the cut’ are slaughtered for dog food.

According to the Coalition for The Protection of Racehorses, an average of 119 horses die on the track in Australia every year.

It's time to call out this disgusting & cruel money making racket for what it is...Animal Abuse. 

It's time to stop glorifying it as part of our National Identity.


Compassionate Australians do not want to stand for it or stop for it any longer!