Ban Greyhound Racing

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The Greyhound Racing Industry has been around since the late 1800’s and is riddled with cruelty. Four corners captured a truthful and eye opening view of what really happens behind the scenes on race tracks and have shown live baiting to still exist even though it is illegal.They train these loving and beautiful creatures to be killers. Harming animals of small size to use them to bait the dogs, to encourage them chase the ‘lure’. These animals are hung upside down with a hook or tied down with string and swung around at high speeds many, many times. There cause of death will either be from this or beig teared to shreds by the greyhounds once caught. They take their muzzles off to give them a tatste of their blood and hope that it will enhance their performance. Some greyhound owners will do anything for their greyhounds to win such as performance enhancing drugs like amphetamines such as ice, caffeine or even steroids. The average life span of a greyhound companion will be 12 years but a racing greyhound will only live for an average of 4.5 years. They are killed when they become useless to their owners and are iften euthanised after an injury on the race track. As they are trained killers they often can’t be adopted because of the concern of how they were brought up to be vicious towards other smaller animals. Often they are euthanised on the spot after a lost race. In NSW alone 68,000 greyhounds were euthanised in the last two years. They are overbred and than killed because of this just to try and get the fastest greyhound for someone to make profit off of them.


Is the mass killing and amount of cruelty that goes on really worth having a few punts with some mates over a beer? Is it worth the entertainment for thrill seekers or for people to try and make a profit? It has been made illegal in many states of the US for the barbarity that it brings. It needs to be illegal here. Big companies such as greyhounds Australasia that are apart of this industry say they care about the welfare of animals, if they really did they wouldn’t be apart of an industry that uses innocent animals such as greyhounds for profit.


The industry argues that if it were shut down atleast 10,000 greyhounds will be slaughtered they would not be able to be rehomed. If this were to happen the blood would be on the industries hands just as the blood of 68,000 greyhounds who were euthanised for being too slow or didn’t ‘pay their way’. This cruelty needs to stop. Thousands of greyhounds are killed and/or endure a lifetime of abuse by their owners for the sake of profit. We need to put an end to this.