Hillside-Higgins crosswalk needs a warning light

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The existing crosswalk at Hillside Ave. and Higgins St. is inadequate and poses a hazard to pedestrians. Hillside Ave. is a four-lane thoroughfare and a high traffic area, both for cars and pedestrians. Two elementary schools, the Cridge Centre for the Family, two bus stops, apartment buildings and a townhouse complex all lie within a block of the crossing. In the warmer months, local families flock to the playground and ballpark, also accessed via the crosswalk. This particular locale is a nexus for children and the elderly in particular, both vulnerable segments of the general population. Proximity to the major intersection at Hillside Ave. and Cook St. gives drivers little reason to slow down: westbound drivers on Hillside approaching the intersection are often more concerned with "making the light" than looking out for pedestrians.

In practice, most close calls arise when drivers in one or more lanes stop, pedestrians begin crossing, but a vehicle in the "blind" far lane sails though the crossing without seeing anyone on the crosswalk. Pedestrians should not have to put themselves at such high risk to cross the road. We, the undersigned, are urging that Victoria City Council allocate funds in their 2016 budget for the Installation of a high-visibility, user-activated crosswalk signal, complemented by appropriate signage to warn pedestrians not to cross until all drivers have stopped. 

Similar concerns regarding this crossing have been made to Victoria's municipal staff in the past. The response, and lack of action on the issue, indicated that keeping (vehicular) traffic moving smoothly to and from the Cook St. intersection was of the highest priority, not the safety of pedestrians. As one former petitioner put it, "It seems a very potentially tragic tradeoff to put the flow of traffic before the safety of people."

As a user or potential user of this crossing, or simply as a concerned citizen, please consider adding your name to the petition. With enough community support, I am optimistic that Council will elect to act now, before a tragic incident takes place at this busy location.

Thank you for reading.


Charles Curry, parent of a student at Elizabeth Buckley School, 1309 Hillside Ave.

Shelley Morris, Chief Executive Officer, The Cridge Centre for the Family, 1307 Hillside Ave.

Roberta MacDonald, Principal, Elizabeth Buckley School, 1307 Hillside Ave.


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