Domestic Violence - tougher sentencing for perpetrators.

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Domestic Violence in the UK is very common , but hard to qualify the exact statistics.

I'm campaigning to stop the insult to physical and psychological injury caused by lenient sentencing.

It's been 12 months since my partner (at the time) attacked me to the extent that my life was in danger. 12 months of therapy, lost enjoyment, loss of confidence and battling daily with PTSD. He got a fine. That's all.

How many people (men and women) suffer years after becoming victims of domestic violence? I'm confident that as you read this you will know of someone affected by this horrendous crime. Us victims should be done justice by the CPS. That's why I'm calling for harsher sentencing lobbying for tougher sentencing for the perpetrators.


Helping victims of domestic violence to feel justice has been served. How many victims would feel less violated if their abusers were punished proportionately?