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The fight for justice has become very real for victims and families as some are seeking practical support that just isn't there. The introduction of a Victims Commissioner will ensure victims and their families gain more support to have somewhere to turn to for practical help, advice and to make them more aware of their rights after a tragedy. This will enable them to reflect their views to the government that ever so desperately need to be heard. There is currently a victims commissioner in Wales, England, and London. Scotland deserves one too. Our primary objective is to help give families and victims a voice in convincing the Scottish government and Scottish legal establishment that victims matter. We want more engagement with victims so that future generations do not go through a system that does not emphasise or treat victims with the respect that they deserve. There are many support groups for victims and their families and they do a fantastic job in supporting emotional needs. However, victims and families need to be heard at the highest levels possible. Please support me, my family and every other family who have faced situations in which they feel victims are not effectively represented in Scotland by signing this petition to give victims a voice.