VICTIM's Matter. STOP Criminal Injuries Compensation Board CUTS now!!

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Victim's of violent crime, such as sexual assault, and/or the families of deceased victim's of violent crime, are at risk of loosing the ability to seek compensation through the Criminal Injury Compensation Board (CICB). 

Without the CICB, victim's of violence will be loosing more than justice for the wrong that was done to them. Victim's will no longer have access to financial compensation for their pain and suffering. They will loose funding and/or compensation for important medical care, such as trauma counselling, physiotherapy for injuries sustained, and other professional services. Compensation for income victim's lost as a result of the violent crime they endured will no longer be available. They won't have the opportunity for justice in a safer environment than the court justice system, in what has been created as a less-intensive and re-traumatizing environment.

As a mental health professional, the impact of violence on victims is profound and traumatic. Victim's often struggle with a multitude of negative consequences as a result of the violence they've experienced; for instance: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, substance abuse, flashbacks, social isolation, and even a heightened risk of suicide. Additionally, they are often extremely re-traumatized by the justice system. 

Dismantling of the CICB would not only be a cruel and unusual way to further punish and re-traumatize victim's of violent crime, it is appalling that it is being done as a means of opening Business in Ontario. The funds for CICB are, at least in part, re-distributed from the cost of crime, coming from fines under the Provincial Offences Act. Still, the Ford government is looking to completely cut and de-fund the CICB. 

The CICB deserves to be not only sustained, but protected as a safe and efficient way of serving Ontario's victim's of violence. Please have a voice, speak with your Member of Parliament (MP), and STOP the dismantling of such a valuable service! Save the CICB!