For VicRoads to build noise barriers on the Calder Highway at Ravenswood

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We have lived on this property for over 30 years.  Thirteen years ago VicRoads opened a rest area on the North Bound Calder Highway, Ravenswood, Victoria, opposite our property without any consideration for the noise that trucks using engine brakes entering the facility , the noise at the facility itself & the noise of vehicles being flogged to get back onto the highway. We also  have light pollution from the facility & lost our view of the sunset forever.

Then approx 3 years ago a  service station opened beside the rest area which increased the noise levels exponentially & the light pollution is 1000 times worse.

VicRoads are about to open a new rest area on the South Bound Calder Highway , Ravenswood . This will mean more noise from trucks flogging past our house. 

VicRoads have done the exact same thing to the people living opposite this new rest area. NO sound barriers!!

Our driveway is 400 metres from the onramp, due to Armco erected by VicRoads some years ago we can't get off the highway to safely enter our own property. Once the new rest area is opened it will place us at high risk of being rear ended.

We have written to  VicRoads for years,  spoken with politicians etc & no one cares what we have forced to endure 24/7 for thirteen years! 

I've been forced to line my bedroom window with three layers of bubble wrap in an attempt to lessen the noise from South Bound trucks. This is a fire risk & a risk to life if there was a fire in the hallway.

I have registered 66dB in the bedroom from South Bound trucks. The North Bound trucks using engine brakes are much worse & actually make our house shake.

My health is now suffering from this constant noise & my gp has recorded this in my history on a number of occasions.  A recent dental check up revealed damage to my teeth from grinding them due to the stress of this constant noise. He stated it's pointless trying to repair until aftet your not under this level of stress.

All we want is to live in peace on our own property . Our property has been  devalued by hundreds of thousands of dollars as no one would buy here due to the noise levels.

We  demand VicRoads either erect sound barriers the entire frontage of our property South Bound and the entire length from the start of the off ramp to the end of the on ramp North Bound. Or buy us out plus compensate us for what VicRoads forced on us for thirteen years.

Please help us.