Save Mernda's 200+ year old landmark River Red Gum, don't chop it down

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It has come to our attention that the one remaining River Red Gum near the corner of Plenty and Bridge Inn Roads is destined to be removed by VicRoads as part of Stage 2 of the VicRoads Plenty Road Upgrade.

Surely through a different engineering approach, VicRoads can incorporate this tree into their design for the intersection, and still retain this tree, as well as achieving their traffic management targets.

Still reeling from the destruction of the 300 + year old gum tree which stood on the opposite corner (Cockerell's corner), VicRoads intend to take another historical landmark River Red Gum in Mernda. The thought of losing another tree is too much to bare.

This landmark has stood in Mernda since before European settlement came to Australia, is a perfectly healthy tree, and was significant both to the early Pioneers as well as a landmark to current day residents. River Red Gums in this area have been subjects of famous art works over time, including such renowned artists as Sir Arthur Streeton and John Borrack, and are an important part of our cultural heritage. 

It has withstood the threat of bushfires, the many years of drought, and even the great flood of 1878. From the early travellers on horseback on their way to the goldfields at Beechworth in the 1850's, to the families going on a Sunday picnic at Kinglake or Yan Yean Reservoir during the 1960's and 70's, or even the many thousands of commuters traveling along Plenty Road on their way to work, this tree has seen it all.

Because of it's location and for no other reason it just happens to be a hindrance to VicRoads and stands as an obstacle to their plans to upgrade Plenty Road, and their solution to that.......CUT IT DOWN.!!!!

And to add salt to the wound, the Whittlesea Council River Red Gum Tree Protection Policy, which is intended to protect every RIVER RED GUM seems not to apply to this tree. Furthermore the Council on their own webpage state, "River Red Gum trees are an important part of our local landscape, and have significant heritage and environmental values. Many of these trees are estimated at being between 200 to 500 years old and provide shelter and food for a range of native animals. All proposals to remove River Red Gum trees must be reported to a Council meeting for a decision."

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