Cruelty is NEVER a CULTURE.

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Dear Vice Minister of Agriculture.Dr Le Quoc Doanh.

The DOG&CATMEAT has been gettinga lot of attention an farms are being shut down,saving thousands of live.The CATMEATTRADE however,is NOT GETTING THE ATTENTION it deserves and needs.Cats bagged up and ready for the boil,inside a sickening Vietnamese Catmeat Market,helkpless pets are skinned ;drowned and butchered for 50£ delicacy know  as "little tiger".Ban catmeat from consumptions;needs to be enforced;

Its inhumane to torture ,drowned buther them ans eat them for "GOOD LUCK" Anyone who sells cats for meat or carmeat itself,or who consumes it -including the police who should be enforcing it-needs to be prosecuted.