Strip Ann Widdecombe of her Honorary Doctorate from the University of Birmingham

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Ann Widdecombe has recently made the news regarding her belief that homosexuality can be "cured". These comments stem from beliefs Ann has held throughout her time in parliament (here, here and here). In 2012, Ann Widdecombe was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Birmingham. We the undersigned do not believe that Ann's comments reflect the values of the University or of the University's student body. 

We believe that her comments are incredibly hostile towards the LGBT+ community, and such comments foster an unsafe and alienating environment which negatively affects the community by giving legitimacy towards the notion that being LGBT+ is a choice. This is categorically untrue and her continuing to hold a doctorate at the university only perpetuates this notion

We also believe that an honorary doctorate is a great privilege; not an inherent right and is something that should only be bestowed upon an individual who embodies the spirit of the university, something which Ann's recent comments and history run contrary to.  

We therefore believe that Ann should be stripped of her honorary doctorate as she does not embody the spirit of the university, either, historically or in the present and ask the Vice-chancellor to do this as soon as possible.