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  • We all students of Bca first year section A,B,C are not willing to give MST 1 as we all are not prepared even 50%. So we just want to postpone the MST1 of bca.It is just a humble request to u sir. 

Please reschedule the MST 1.
We are way back in syllabus.
And we have got no time for revision.

Actually We are not prepared well ... because some of the topics of different subjects are taught today... and some doubts are not cleared .... we need a revision time...��

we have many doubts In maths and another thing that we all got CS syllabus today (21-8-18) so please try to understand sir!�� it's a reqst kindly do something for us.

 Respected sir,
Good evening. We all students feel very fortunate to be a part of Chandigarh University, to have such experienced teachers and HOD like you who hears to all our problems. But we are still not familiar with the subjects. As we all have joined Chandigarh University a month ago and all of us belong from different backgrounds (Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce and Humanities), so we are facing some problems in the subjects and need our doubts to be cleared so that we can score good marks in the MST. On the other hand we have many assignments to be completed by Thursday and some of us are not done with our practicals.
A humble request to you to please; either postpone our MST or postpone our assignment submission date.
Thank You

MST FROM 25 TO 28 AUGUST, 2018