Renew Heathers! Make Heathers: Revolution real!

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Heathers is the reboot of the 1989 movie . The series is supposed to be anthological, with every season taking place in different settings. The first season aired on October, and I think that this series deserves a second season.

The second season, titled Heathers: Revolution, was supposed to be set during the French Revolutionary War. I know what are you thinking: "Heathers during the French Revolution?! I don't think that this is a good idea", but hey, most of you actually didn't like Heathers 2018 at the beginning, but after watching the series, you said "it's actually good!". Well, I think that this season would be awesome, if not better than the first.

The script is already written, the only thing that we need to do is to convince Viacom/Paramount Network to do a second season.

So please, sign and share the petition! And please, spread #renewHeathers all over Paramount Network's social media, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.