Petition to Fire Kristen Scott from basketball wives!!

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 This was not written by Jennifer Williams, Cee Cee, or other  cast members of Basketball Wives. This is a fans petition. 


Dear Shauni O'neal time to stop showing  frauds/scamming/women shaming bullies.  The point was too show how  basketball women have  it all materialistically, don't have it all with relationships.  Now you're showing how women who don't have anything at all have everything worse about their character to show. Wrong turn. Re-group, re -work. 


Just so Co- fans are clear, on the show, Kristen showed that she is not a basketball wife as her Husband is an assistant coach to Shaunie's eldest son. Her Husband has never played NBA. 

Kristen Scott is broke and came on the show targeting the new girls, OG and Cee Cee to cover the fact that she cannot afford to be in that social group financially, thus using drama. Just to be clear being broke is not the problem, it is the fact she knew Cee and OG were more likely to get along with the other women because of their life styles and their men actually play/played for NBA as oppose to her. So she attacked OG for her looks and Cee Cee saying they were never really close.   And Laquisha aka Malaysia chose to just defend Kristen, but can we really trust Laquisha from compton?! IDK  


Above all worst new addition to basketball wives franchise. Bring Draya back, bring Brandi back, bring Suzie back!!