Ban breeders from operating on pups.

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Operations have been happening on pups here in Ireland as young as 7 weeks of age by a breeder. 

Breeders should not be allowed to instruct a vet to operate on pups to remove their reproductive organs at 7 weeks or at any prepubescent age. The vet is breaching ethics.  Our pups should be allowed to grow and be neutered at an appropriate age decided by the owner and guided by an ethical veterinary surgeon. The general ethical advise by veterinary  surgeons in Ireland is at the earliest 6 months- at the earliest. 

To allow this procedure -removing pups Fallopian tubes, ovaries and vasectomising males at 7 weeks simply on the basis of protecting blood lines ie: SECURING THE BREEDERS PROFIT AND MARKET goes entirely against the veterinary councils code which requires vets to place the animals’ welfare as their first consideration.

When the only reason these operations are carried out is to secure the breeder's income, then the procedure should not be allowed.  

Similar procedures that are carried out for aesthetic reasons (dew claw removal, docking, and the clipping of ears have been deemed illegal now because they were procedures carried out without any benefit to the dogs.

To operate on a pup is wrong and should be banned. The public are the only voice for our animals in Ireland.

We the public are signing this petition to be presented to the Veterinary Council of Ireland to ban these operations carried out by breeders. 

They deserve the chance of growth, life, protection and neutering at an appropriate age. 

You are their voice.