A law that protects the rights of our pets

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On April 6th my parents took our 2 year old cat to Rossmoyne Emergency Clinic because she started acting lethargic. They said that keeping her there with fluids and to run tests would be our best option. When I arrived I needed answers to which I did not receive. My question was whether or not the vet on staff thought that this was the best thing to do or an honest medically professional opinion on whether or not she had a good chance of surving. The cost for 2 days of treatment would amount to over 2500 dollars. My parents signed the papers agreeing to pay for treatment and to start it asap. They went to get the money and I asked the receptionist if they had started treatment and she said “no, they are waiting for the deposit”.  In turn my cat laid without the iv fluids she needed until they received the money. When my parents returned with the money the said they were starting her on ivs now. Not even 5 minutes later another receptionist brings my baby out no ivs, for us to see. When i saw her i knew she was not coming back from this. They called at 5 am the next morning telling us that she had passed. We went in to arrange the cremation services and to get the rest of our 2500 dollars back. The receptionist told us that since we paid in cash we will be mailed a check for the remainder because they already deposited our money. After I wrote a review on their Facebook page they called and had our money. We went back to pick it up and our cat  baby to have her creamted elsewhere. The owner of this establishment called my mother a liar after writing a review of what happened. This is a complete disgrace and unacceptable practice of Rossmoyne Emergency Clinic. Our pets deserve better than this.