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Vertical Gardens, a small effort to improve NCR's particularly Delhi's filthy air!!!

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When one comes to Delhi, what greets are the ancient spectacular Mughal monuments, the beautiful Lutyens Delhi, the posh South Delhi and an old world charm of Old Delhi. But all this is accompanied by a strange filthy smell in the air of Delhi. The air pollution level in Delhi is so high that today most of the renowned environmental international organisations has given our national capital the tag of 'World's most polluted capital' and certainly the 'Most polluted city'.

It seems that Delhi is in self competition to create new benchmarks for air pollution levels. Today, we have pipped even Beijing in pollution levels. Now we are in competition with ourselves.

Several efforts are being carried out, but in vain. The pollution levels are rising and rising only. There are many ways in which our government is trying to reduce this air pollution. But they are not enough, for sure.

Seeing recently that Bengaluru is planning to install Vertical Gardens on the pillars of their flyovers and metro, I recommend and request the Govt. Of Delhi to kindly consider this option as we have a very big network of metro as well as many flyovers, and so do we have countless pillars which are unused and we can tap this space to build Vertical Gardens there. This is a good economical option to build new lungs of Delhi which are evenly spread. Not only will they help in cleansing the filth and provide refreshing air, it will be a visual treat also to see lines of Vertical Gardens. Although Delhi has many green patches and parks, but still they are not enough to bear the burden of this ever rising population of humans as well as Vehicles. These Vertical Gardens on roads will also provide some help in mitigating the effect of Vehicular pollution at the very place from where it is generated.

The benefits of Vertical Gardens are immense and can add to the beauty of our city as well. The plants on dividers, which were planned to do the work of mitigating Vehicular pollution are now overburden and seeing the space crunch on roads, this concept of Vertical Garden becomes even more credible.

The support of neighbouring states comprising NCR is also needed to fight this menace because today Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Gurgaon are also almost equal to Delhi in terms of air pollution.

We can not wait for our birds to fall from sky before we start taking action. It's high time that we realise the importance of clean and clear air and work in the direction of making Delhi a pollution free city. It'll take time, but we have to initiate efforts .....genuine efforts.

The results will follow.


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