Petition to Remove Fairfield Center School Principal Jill Ballou

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Please support the children, teachers, families and community of Fairfield, Vermont by removing Jill Ballou as Principal of Fairfield Center School.  

As you may or may not know, Jill Ballou was investigated due to teacher and community concerns regarding student safety, failure to follow laws and protocols, violating FERPA laws, lack of attendance and lack of commitment and dedication to our children, teachers, families, and community. The investigation consisted of 38 interviews with teachers, administrators, and staff.  No interviews were conducted with parents of children at the school or even the parents who had raised the concerns, as the board felt a broader review would likely extend the duration of the investigation beyond the date in which it could act upon the information.

Even though a number of parents have documented examples of how the Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying policy was not followed or how FERPA laws were broken, this was never allowed to be included in the investigation due to the Board's restrictions. Additionally, the investigation was supposed to be independent but instead was conducted by a potentially biased firm.

Now there is discussion about placing Jill Ballou on a corrective action plan and bringing in a mediator to mend the relationships destroyed between Jill and the staff and community. This will not solve the problem.  The damage has been done, trust broken, and no remorse has been shown by Jill, in her capacity at Fairfield Center School, previous role at Warren School, or any of the other schools in Vermont she has left.

The Fairfield community does not feel children, or staff, are safe with Jill Ballou as  Principal of the Fairfield Center School.  It is devastating to see and hear the negative and detrimental impact this person has had on the culture of the school,  a school that has been known to be a Center of Excellence. Jill Ballou needs to be removed as Principal, and the school returned to the amazing, positive, exceptional school it has been known as for many years.