Support tax-free feminine hygiene products in Vermont

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All over the world, women are discriminated against for many things. One of them being feminine needs relating to menstruation. In some countries, women will be exiled when they are on their period. They will be cast away for a week, left alone in a cave, or to sit on cardboard. These are real, but extreme examples of the suppression of women based on something that they cannot change. As young girls, we have both faced this kind of discrimination, although in a much more subtle way. Having to pay tax on tampons and pads, on top of the original cost, adds up. These products are not a luxury. My partner and I both are lucky enough to be able to pay these costs, and have families that will support us, but not every person in need of these products is so lucky. This issue is one that fundamentally only affects one group of people. People with female anatomy.  To have an extra cost for this group of people, is wildly unfair. Women are still not being paid the same amount as men for the same work. If our society is refusing to change the wage gap, then we can push back, and take away extra fees that are unnecessary, and put women at yet another disadvantage. If this bill is ignored, women in Vermont could lose on average $1,773.33 in their lifetimes on tampons alone. These are some items that are exempt from tax in many states, including sunscreen, ChapStick, anti-dandruff shampoo, Rogaine, and sometimes even Viagra.