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Stop regulating cell phone company and screwing your customers

As we all know Verizon is the best phone service in America. They cover the most people with 4G and 3G. They have the most reliable service of all major us carriers. Verizon always wins award after award for having the best service, but that comes at a price. Verizon is one of the most pricy services in America. So if you want the best you have to pay for it.

Now it is not all good when it comes to Verizon. They seem to know what is best for the customer and do as they please without letting us tell them what is best. Verizon has contracts with Motorola and tells them what they want on there phone even those Motorola does not want what Verizon wants. Moto really wants a pure android base phone to let the customer choose what they want on the phone, yet Verizon does not want that. On top of that Verizon customers finally got welcomed by getting a Nexus phone after sooooo many years of waiting for one. People were so excited like my self to finally get a pure android phone. All this excitement was great but verizon has to screw it all up. After the Nexus was announced it took over two month for the phone to be released. Yet other countries had the phone a couple days to a week after the phone was publicly announced. Finally we got the phone released and things looked like it would be turning around. Well Verizon then took matters into there own hands again. Google announced Jelly bean (a new operation system) and showed it off on there Nexus device. After the announcement people all over the world got Jelly bean a day to a week later. Verizon customers were not so lucky. It took us up to 4 month to get the update that has been out for a while.

See Verizon has to approve everything that happens with there with there cellphone business. If an update is coming out for a phone Verizon has to approve it. When a phone is ready to be released to the public. Verizon has to approve it like they do with the updates. Now the new Nexus called the Nexus 4 will not be on Verizon or on 4G LTE. Google said they can not control the phone/updates that go to the phones on a 4G LTE network. They are trying to hide the truth that we all know. Verizon made it nearly impossible for Google to release the phone and updates. Verizon does the same thing with Motorola and wanting them to have there cellphones a certain way.

So I am here to say no more. We are fed up with the way Verizon runs the show. They make all the decision that do not need to be made. They decided when a phone should be released even if they are ready to be sold. They decided when an update is ready to be released even those it is ready. Verizon decided what phone features are on a Motorola phone. Verizon wants all the power and controls which in return hurts the customer. So lets tell Verizon NO MORE!! Take a stand with me to show them we are unhappy at the way they run the show!!!!

Letter to
I would like to thank you for the great service you provided us with. I almost never loose signal like my friends do who are on T-Mobile or Sprint. Even during the worst rain or snow storms my service almost never dies. So I am willing to fork over the few extra bucks for that.

Now being that your service is great there are things that I am not happy about that I wish you would change. You guys are a cellphone service provider. That is all you should be worried about. Stop trying to control everything that goes through your company like updates or cellphones. Telling companies what features and how the phone needs to act in order to sell it. Example would be you guys not easily allowing cellphone like the Nexus on Verizon because it does not have this or that. Also not allowing updates to come at a timely fashion. When Google announced the Galaxy Nexus I was excited as any like most Verizon customers. We were thrilled to have such a phone finally come to Verzion. You guys even skipped the Galaxy S2 for this phone. Then you guys found a way to screw it all up. It took over 2 month before you guys released the phone for stupid reasons. People living outside of the US got the phone a few days or a week after the announcement. Then Google announced Jelly Bean operating system. Again other people in other countries got the update within day to a week. Verizon customers had to wait almost 3-4 month before we got it.

Since all you guys have done to Google they did not release there new phone on Verizon (Nexus 4). They said that they could not regulate the phone on LTE so no Verizon or 4G. This is all thanks to you guys for harming the customers.

Stop regulating the system so much since your harming your customers. We feel like we are always left in the dark. Then seems like you guys do not care about us at all. Only care about your agenda and what makes you guys happy. You guys only release phone and updates when they meet your so called standard even when the updates comes right from Google. You guys think you know better then the cellphone company that makes the cellphone. You guys need to just worry about your your cell service only and leave the updates and cellphones to the people who make them. The more you piss people off the more people will find another cellphone provider. The internet is a powerful tool! Watch your back!!

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