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Venice Marathon: Award prize money to athletes who were led off course

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The Venice Marathon is organised by the Venice Marathon Club. A member of the club became the first Italian to win the event in 22 years after the leading pack, consisting mostly of Kenyan athletes, was led off course and into oncoming traffic by one of the race's own motorcycle escorts. 

We ask that the race organisers, or the race's sponsor Huawei, award each of the 7 athletes who were led off course the equivalent of the race prize of €6,000. As the race officials were responsible for misleading the athletes, it's only fair that they be justly compensated for the earnings they missed out on due to the race's mismanagement. 

As the Guardian describes:

"Italian Eyob Faniel won the Venice marathon on Sunday after a bizarre incident in which the leading six runners took a wrong turn.

Favorites Abdulahl Dawud, Gilbert Kipleting Chumba, Kipkemei Mutai and David Kiprono Metto were among the leading group 25km (16 miles) into the race when the motorcycle guiding the runners took a wrong turn. The six leaders covered several hundred metres before being made aware of the error and turning back. They lost about two minutes.

Faniel, who runs for the local Venice marathon club, was around a minute behind the leaders at the time but found himself leading the race along with Mohammed Mussa, who he immediately passed."

As Kenya's first running shoe company, we know just how challenging the life of elite marathoners is. Elite athletes earn most of their income based on their performance in races. For an elite marathoner, this is often just two major races each year. For these athletes, being led off course has serious financial and career consequences as it may impact their ability to be invited to other races in the future.

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