Vedantu, pay JustBurstOut immediately

Vedantu, pay JustBurstOut immediately

12 April 2022
Petition to
Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India (MOS (IC) Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementaion; Planning and MOS M/o Corporate Affairs)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tanvi O

Vedantu hired JustBurstOut for one of the content development projects (6000+ articles), the Topic page project. The project deadline was for a month. JustBurstOut hired more than 100 freelance writers for the same.

Vedantu's SEO team mentally tortured us to deliver content on time. All the writers and editors, we came together worked day and night and we have delivered the work in January. All the content delivered by JustBurstOut is live on Vedantu's website and yet this unicorn has not paid us. 

We have been chasing Vedantu for payment since February. They gave us one excuse after another on the due date and changed the payment date multiple times.

When many writers started escalating on social media and reached out to Vedantu’s founders Vamsi Krishna, Anand Prakash and Pulkit Jain, they sent us legal notice citing breach of agreement. 

There is legal agreement in place, all the content approval is documented on emails and yet Vedantu is not paying us. 

Many parents, vendors and employees have also reached out to us with their plights.

All of our writers are suffering mentally and financially and waiting for their payments.

Is this the reason we are still a developing country?

Is this how these big corporates like Vedantu treat freelancers or small companies?

On one hand, they are taking hard-earned money from parents for courses on their website and on the other hand, they are not paying writers who worked on those courses.

They are spending millions on IPL ads but don't want to pay their vendors.

Please sign this petition so Vedantu do not get away by not paying us. Please help us. 

Website content written by our team and live on Vedantu's website

Here's how you can also help us-

1. Please also amplify this on Twitter with #vedantuscam #boycottvedantu #payjustburstout. Please also tag Ministry of corporate affairs so they audit this company for malpractices. 

2. Give them one star on App Store.



Support now
Signatures: 2,407Next Goal: 2,500
Support now