Revoke Suspension of ODL Courses of NUJS with Immediate Effect and Save Student Careers

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Dear Justice Amit Talukdar,

We, the students of Diploma, Certificate and MABL courses of NUJS, came to know that the Online and Distance Learning (ODL) courses of NUJS have been suspended through a public notice, dated June 27, 2018, on the NUJS website. We have not been provided with any other details, adding to the confusion and anxiety among students of current batches, who are pursuing the ODL courses. There are more than 3,000 students pursuing Masters, Diploma, and Certificate ODL courses from NUJS and they are all anxious about the fate of the current courses which are in progress. A lot of students have put in tremendous hard work by burning the midnight oil with respect to completion of assignments, subjective exercises, intensive preparation for online exams, etc., apart from significant and precious time, and a substantial amount of money (Rs. 50,000) in these 2 years.

We all request you to provide us with "greater clarity" about the suspension of ODL courses and whether it affects the existing batch of students, too, who are pursuing the same. We are on the tenterhooks as to whether we will be allowed to complete our course, as our course is just 3 months away from completion and such a drastic, unjustified, and draconian decision to abruptly suspend the ODL courses at this juncture has not only hit us like a bolt from the blue, but has also pulled the earth from under our feet, leaving us flabbergasted. We never expected such an abrupt decision from an NLU of the repute of NUJS, which is ranked All-India No.3 as per recent survey rankings.


We were shocked to hear that students of NUJS Medical Laws distance course were not allowed to appear in their exam on 23rd June, 2018. Many outstation candidates had come from a long distance to give exam and were turned away from the examination hall, without any explanation or prior notification. This makes us very worried about the current courses we are pursuing. In many cases, some students have finished their courses and are awaiting their certificates for months, which you have not signed and have not offered any explanation towards the same. Not only that, all our emails and calls have gone unanswered, showing absolute apathy for the students' careers and future. This is both unbecoming and uncharacteristic of any educational institution, leave alone an NLU!

Considering the academic future of so many students at stake, we all sincerely request you to revoke the suspension with immediate effect, at least for the current batches who are pursuing the ODL courses, and make the suspension applicable prospectively so that it does not affect the careers of thousands of students and also keeps the reputation of NUJS intact as a student-friendly institution.

Hope you will consider our plea in right earnest and revoke the suspension of ODL courses with immediate effect to save the academic careers of thousands of innocent students for no fault of theirs.