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Stop Killing Elephants For Their Ivory

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It's time we stop poaching Elephants for their ivory.

Ivory is a hard creamy-white substance composing the main part of the tusks of an elephant, used to make ornaments and other articles. Other articles are things like medicine and drugs. Ivory hunters or poachers are people that go out illegally and kill elephants for their ivory tusks. 25,000 elephants are killed annually for there tucks. That's an elephant every 15 minutes.   

In the early 1970s the demand for ivory rocketed with 80% of traded raw ivory coming from poached elephants. In 1989 a ban was put in place by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. ) and all international trade was prohibited in an attempt to put an end to the massive illegal trade.Major ivory markets were eliminated in most countries. Africa experienced a steep decline in killing of elephants allowing some elephant populations to recover. Following a one-off sale in 2008, the illegal trade rocketed with 2011 seeing the largest seizures of ivory since records began. Elephant populations declined rapidly as poaching escalated across much of Africa, fuelling the black market. Today Ivory is worth more than gold.

Why is this a problem? According to: Elephant trafficking is compared to Cociane trafficking. Both an illegal business making millions of dollars on smuggling. But ivory trafficking often involves enormous shipments, each carrying more than 500 kilograms of tusks, something that drug smugglers would never even try to attempt. Not only is it in the same market of drug smuggling but it's killing one of the most intelligent and loving animals we have. Elephants  have already gone extinct in Senegal, Somalia and Sudan.

Ivory trafficking is an illegal business and us Americans buy the products,we use the medicine. Were contributing to the problem without even knowing it. It's a supply and demand when we demand they supply. Elephants lives are being taken and pretty soon there will be no more elephants. What are the poachers supposed to do then? We don't need Ivory to survive as human race. The ivory does nothing beneficial to the environment. But we still take it like it's ours. They take millions of dollars while millions of elephants lose their lives. It's time we stop all poaching to all animals for their ivory and its important we help rise the elephant population. 


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