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The insignia at heart is a really well engineered solid reliable family car which rides well even after many miles. Although it has one thorn in its side, the 2.0 cdti engine it fatally flawed with a poor oil pump seal and a week crankshaft, this resulted in a total catastrophic failure of the engine at 125000 miles, it was unsalvageable as the crank bearings had "spun" unfortunately this isn't a rare occurrence, intact it is almost guaranteed on cars over 100,000 miles up to around 140,000 miles, the crankshaft fails on these cars, sometimes through a failure of an oil pump seal in the sump, the result is no oil pressure, which saves the engine. If you get a warning on the dash it's already too late and will shortly be followed by knocking and tapping from the engine. Replacement is the only (temporary) fix, but working second hand engines are rare and expensive.. do your research! "Insignia oil pressure warning" This , as far as I am aware only affects the 2.0 cdti units and not the petrol models or the new 1.5 cdti's. All Insignia’s should be re-called to have this issue fixed as it can be very costly in replacing the engine just for a seal on the pick up pipe. Facebook page : Vauxhall Insignia Owners