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Stop signing stupid petitions.

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Whereas most, if not all, pro-vaping petitions would accomplish nothing even if they got a million signatures;

Whereas the actual number of signatures amounts to maybe 1/1000th of all vapers, which is a demonstration of weakness rather than strength;

Whereas signing and circulating a petition creates the illusion of having done something useful without accomplishing anything, thereby reducing people's inclination to do one of the many genuinely useful things they could be doing for the cause;

Whereas most of these petitions demonstrate a lack of a basic understanding of the history, law, policy processes, and science surrounding e-cigarettes; this includes blatantly incorrect statements, speculative claims presented as fact (notably including health claims), and miscellaneous gibberish;

Whereas most of these petitions look like they could have been created by anti-ecig activists in order to demonstrate that most vapers will believe any marketing claim they hear, including about health science, and therefore need strong regulations to protect them;

We call upon all vapers to stop supporting pointless and harmful petitions by signing them, circulating them, and especially creating them.

Please demonstrate your support for this petition by not signing it.

[Disclaimer: This "petition", like most "petitions", will not actually be used to petition anyone. The content is solely the work of the author and does not represent the official position of anyone. That might or might not include the author himself -- it is always so hard to tell with social satire.]

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