Vanguard Logistic Services, Release the humane educational books and DVDs now!

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Scorpion Foundation an NGO in Indonesia, also known as Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, launched a wonderful project that would build an Animal Reading House in Aceh Sumatra, a region that was devastated by a tsunami in 2004. This region is under constant attack with mass poaching of endangered species and illegal habitat destruction. The Animal Reading House would give the community a place to gather and read books and watch movies about animals and environmental preservation, compassion and responsibility.

In 2017, the building project was funded by One Animal World (OAW), a U.S. based NGO, who also committed to supplying books, DVDs, a television and delivery support for the materials. OAW with the support of amazing animal advocates from around the world, gathered beautiful, inspirational and educational books and movies that would serve to inspire conservation and compassion.

In November 2017, 230 books and 60 DVDs (six boxes total) were sent to Jakarta, Indonesia. They arrived in Jakarta several weeks later and have remained in the possession of Vanguard Logistics Services (VSL) in Jakarta, Indonesia. For reasons that we cannot establish, VSL is unwilling to release the books and DVDs to Scorpion. It appears that VSL is positioning to sell the books and DVDs at auction.

For months, OAW and Scorpion Foundation, have tried to get the six boxes released by writing numerous letters, making countless phone calls, traveling several times to Jakarta and meeting with various officials. OAW even engaged with amazing and supportive individuals who assisted us with bringing this plight to the attention of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and the Commercial Attaché. Still, the boxes have not been released.

Last month, OAW mailed an additional thirteen books for the Reading House but thirteen books is not nearly enough to fill the shelves of the reading house.

Stand with us, sign this petition to urge that the humane and environmental educational books and DVDs be released to Scorpion Foundation. Help them complete their amazing project and help bring humane inspiration to the people of Sumatra. 

As always, thanks for giving your voice to the voiceless and for your support - One Animal World & P. Holmes 

"Mother Nature is cruel by design, humans are cruel by choice ~ P. Holmes"

Note: This petition is by One Animal World and P Holmes using my changedotorg account. I added One Animal World in my account previously but removed it and added this note so as not to cause confusion 9/2/2018.