Declare Kits Beach and Hadden Parks Pedestrian-Only Zones

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The Context:

Swimming, yoga, tai chi, volleyball, basketball, kiddies play area, picnicking, Frisbee toss, tennis, strolling, dining, live entertainment, jogging, dog walking, or just hanging out - these activities make Kits Beach and Hadden Parks so popular. Wow! It’s a magical enclave, within Vancouver, where folks enjoy the freedom to move, mingle and enjoy the West Coast vibe.

This is captured in the Video:  "Kits Beach and Hadden Parks - Magical Places"


The Problem:

Parks Board wants to build bike lanes through the play and picnic areas.  Public outcry against these lanes is fierce.  Why? Clearly, these are pedestrian areas.  Having cyclists zig-zag or race thorough foot traffic is dangerous and disruptive to the vast majority of park patrons.  We don’t want more disruption. This is exactly why White Rock and West Vancouver ban bikes from their sea walls.

In 2014 residents asked the B.C. Supreme Court to stop the 12-foot wide bike freeway through the picnic, basketball, and kiddies play areas.  Finally, Parks Board agreed to suspend the project. But not for long. 

In March 2018 Parks Board came back with another proposal to put a bike freeway through a different part of the park, but slicing through a parking lot, and next to picnic, basketball and kiddies play areas. Again, the public opposed the plan. Yes, Parks Board deferred the plan, but the bike lanes are still under study. 

Perversely, our Vancouver cyclists demand separate areas for cycling, yet feel entitled to bike through pedestrian’s areas, with reckless abandon.  In short, a tiny minority (cyclists make up scarcely 2.3% of Vancouver’s commuters - Stats Can) is dictating parks policy against interests of the broader public.  

This is unacceptable, especially given the City has already built bike lanes the full length of York Street – barely a block from the edge of Kits Beach Park. Besides, cyclists already access both parks along Ogden, Arbutus, and Cornwall.  The new lanes are unnecessary overkill.  

Solution - Pedestrian Only Zone

To protect these parks, for the benefit of the broadest spectrum of visitors, we want Kits Beach and Hadden Parks to be a pedestrian-only zone.  

What does that mean?  It means bicycles and other vehicles will not circulate within the perimeter of Kits Beach and Hadden Parks (see map attached).  Yes, cars will park in existing parking lots, and cyclists can walk their bikes through the parks. And there will be normal access for first-responders, delivery of services to the restaurant, and concessions. None of that will change.  But pedestrian paths will only be for pedestrians.  This is necessary to protect Kits Beach and Hadden Park for the benefit of the larger community, and for future generations. 

We ask your support this initiative, by signing this petition, which will form the basis for demanding Parks Board declare both Hadden and Kits Beach as pedestrian zones, for the benefit of the larger public, going forward.