Improving Services or Change of BLS International Services & Vancouver Indian Consulate

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United We can do something alone I can't..

Majority of us facing problem from Vancouver Indian Consulate and BLS International Services Inc. Vancouver and Surrey. All employees living in beautiful City of Vancouver Canada and taking all benefits as Canadian but they are working like they are in India. We have to change this. Please support me so that we can put pressure on them and make smooth process for everyone. All the Canadian Punjabi MP's should personally involve in this issue and solve this problem. On the BLS website they required something and later on they ask more and more like India.  


 What a great Service provided by BLS Vancouver, agent of Vancouver Indian Consulate. 
Send an application on 14th January, 2018 for Police Clerance Certificate for my wife. Didn’t hear anything after month which is today 15th Feb 2015 so thought to give them call. Found out I have pending Personal Particular Form for application. No Email, No phone call from them, sent Original Passport with Application.
1. First agent told me I have pending form which they didn’t receive from me without telling me by any communication( No Email, No phone call). She said we sent you email but later on during conversation she asked my email to send me pending requirements. Her own statements contradict each other.
2. Second agent hang up on me because he needed passport number to retrieve the file which I sent original to them required to process the application even the first agent retrieve everything by name & date of birth. 
3. Third agent, she explained me everything which form they need which is not same on their website on two places. In the Requirement tab nothing is mentioned that their is separate checklist for each jurisdiction & I checked the checklist is not same today may be its my mistake. But why they didn’t mention on the requirements tab that your checklist is different for each jurisdiction in Canada.
4. Fourth agent changed everything, he said they just recently updated this form. They recently received instructions from Indian Vancouver Consulate fo update this form which is not updated yet on the website. He said we already sent an instructions to update the website. Who’s fault is that Customers or Agency or Vancouver Consulate???

Why they are asking me new form requirement as I sent my application before one month according to their old requirements???
Why they didn’t bother to call me or give me any update as soon as they got instructions from Vancouver Consulate???
Why they kept my application for a month without telling me anything???

Okk another update today on 2nd March after sending them pending forms they said I still have some pending documents!!!
1. First agent said I still have address proof pending which they didn’t mention even in their email after a month of my application date.
2. Second agent said he will look into this matter & want me to call in 2 hours.

I know nothing is going to happen to post this on Facebook. But just to give heads up to those who are going to take any service with BLS. I can’t change anything & according to you may be I am too emotional, taking lot of stress. But for me it is Harassment & Bullshit. 
Still you like to share it then do it please??
Share it to maximum extent so that all NRI’s know about that. United we can do something, alone I can’t.

IF you think this is acceptable I will delete this post & do my own job. But if you say this is totally unacceptable, harassment & bullshit I request you please share this post as much as you can.