Valve please bring back previous gift system on steam

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4/5/2017 Valve change gift system on Steam

1.not allow user to gift game via email address
2.can't store the gift in inventory to send later anymore
3.When send gift if receiver decline gift it will automatically refunded

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We want Valve to bring back previous gift system because it was the best system , we can gift game to everyone by email you claim that "we want to make it easier for you to share the games you love with friends" but not allow send by email why? It's the easiest way to send game.

We suspect that if Valve want to destroy 3rd party game store (Like or not because they use your previous gift system to sell the game. You force everyone must to go buy game on steam only. You know? trader is not a criminal why you have to do like you're monopolist?

You force everyone not to store game in inventory anymore , it will affect to everyone who want to store it first and make decision later to gift to someone or put it in game library.

When receiver decline gift sometime it's a accident or just want to give it back to sender. if we want to refund we'll do it by ourselves.

This is the worst movement I ever seen, please read our message and bring your previous gift system back.

We're your customer.

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