Allow steam users to keep steam gifts in their inventory.

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In the past, steam has allowed the storage of steam games in the inventories of users via the form of gifts. This allowed people to trade and store games on their own account. It also allowed users who live in areas of the world where steam overcharges their games by a massive amount to find and buy games for a reasonable price. However, steam has now made it impossible to stockpile games, and has instead made it to where when you buy a steam game that is a gift, you have to send it directly to the person that you want to send it to. While this also helps shut down shady steam code websites, the main thing is that it makes Valve money, since users can no longer find cheaper means to buy steam games, seeing as how, if there is a big enough distance in price, users are not allowed to send other users steam gifts at all. There are a few things that need to be changed here, so I will list them in order of importance.

  1. The Ability to keep games in your inventory should be restored, since it never really caused that much of an issue in the first place.
  2. The Ability to send steam gifts should not be restricted by price. The amount for each game should be about the same in each country, after comparing the value of individual currencies.
  3. Steam should focus on shutting down Third Party websites that abuse steam T&S instead of restricting their users' individual rights.

All Valve would have to do would be to change how gifting works, and instead, focus on the websites that are causing these issues. That way, everyone wins.


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