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Help the Homeless - 24 Hour Center NOW - #VallejoCantWait

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Vallejo has over 400 homeless adults and over 200 homeless children. We have 1 homeless shelter.

In 2017 Vallejo's PB 2014's $588,000 Funds + $500,000 HOME Program Funds went to the County to help Vallejo.

Join us in our campaign to ensure Vallejo gets what we have been asking for and voted on to help our friends in need -> A 24 Hour Navigation Center that will help families and friends in need get the help to become self sufficient.

✔️ Did you know 9 year old Vallejoan Aaliyah died on January 3, 2017 while living in a car with her Dad?
✔️ Did you know Vallejo senior citizen Steve Conner was found dead at River Park in 2015?
✔️ Did you know Johanna Dilag was found dead with her dog behind Avery Green in 2012?

They were our friends who didn't have to die. Many other friends who are alive need help.

At the Vallejo Together Support Services Center we see our friends everyday 365 days a year. Although some may not be ready to be self sufficient, most are but need the help to begin.

We serve mother's with children, young men and women and senior citizens. We serve disabled and mentally challenged friends. We serve friends dropped off by hospitals with their nightgowns still on. We serve human trafficked women desparate for an escape.

We serve them all.

We want to make sure our friends aren't forgotten again this year so we ask for your voice to make sure 2017 is the year our friends get the help they need.

Our needs remains the same:
A 24 Hour Navigation Center that will:
✔️ Allow families to stay together
✔️ Allow pets to accompany guests
✔️ Allow safe parking for families who live in their vehicles
✔️Serve LGBTQI
✔️ Serve the undocumented
✔️ 24 Hour transport services by House of Acts
✔️ Resource Navigation services
✔️ Self Sufficiency Plan

With funds from City and County services plus the multitude of volunteers ready to help, we know it can be done!

Help us Help them!
Vallejo CAN'T wait!

Please email the following to voice your support:

Mayor Bob Sampayan:

Vice Mayor Robert McConnell:

Councilman Hermie Sunga:

Councilman Jess Malgapo:

Councilwoman Katy Meissner:

Councilwoman Pippin Dew Costa.

Councilwoman Rozanna Verder Aliga

Housing and Community Development Manager Anne Putney

Supervisor Erin Hannigan:

Supervisor Monica Brown:

Or cut and paste this:,,,,,,,,,

Thank you!
Together, We Can ❤️

Photo: Aaliyah, a 9 year old Lincoln Elementary student died homeless on January 3, 2017 in Vallejo, CA

Today: Vallejo is counting on you

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