Humane Society SBDNO Remove Director Seymour, Educator Hildebrand, Officer Padilla

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On Monday February 19, 2018, I had a tormenting experience with The San Bernardino Humane Society.

At the beginning of the year, my elderly friend was sounding weak since he is eighty-four. I stayed in contact with him constantly, just to make sure he was always doing alright. He lived alone and his children were not really doing a good job of watching out for him. He had seven pets that he dearly cared for, four cats, two turtles and one dog. On previous occasions, I took care of all his pets when he could not and for long durations of time too. I grew to really care about his cats and turtles, but especially for his dog, Big Red.

On occasions before Tuesday, the 6th of February, I had spoken to my friend about getting his dog re-homed through a rescue or keeping him for myself. On that Tuesday, we had spoken on the phone about actually doing it that Friday, the 9th of February. He was suppose to call me that Tuesday evening. When he did not call me, I got worried and went over to his place. As I was opening his gate, he called me. He had just fallen and couldn't get himself up from off of the floor. I got inside and decided to call 911 quickly. The paramedics came and my friend said, "You know what to do, please take care of my babies" as he gave me his keys. I knew that taking care of his pets would not be easy because I do have my own family to care for. I take care of my Mom that has Alzheimer's and I work fulltime. I will do anything for people or animals that are in need and not think twice.

My friend remained in the hospital as of February 16, 2018. He wasn't doing too well and I could tell he was very confused. On that afternoon while I was feeding his pets, I received a visit from Lynn Hilderbrand, school educator of the Humane Society of San Bernardino. She was asking about Big Red and that my friend wanted her to take care of the dog until he left the hospital. I told her that my friend had given me the ok to get Big Red into a Re-homing Rescue and not to worry about anything. Mrs. Hildebrand was very concerned that Red, being a pit bull mix, was not nice. Red was well behaved and even loved cats. I told her, "All animals were being cared for." On Monday, February 19th, I took Big Red to get neutered very early that morning. I was going to be taking him for training for a while, so he could have the best manners. He loved to jump on people and get belly rubbed all day long.

I decided to take a short nap, I didn't work because it was a holiday, President's Day and I was going to take it easy. I awoke from nap to many missed calls and messages. I started to process the information. I first called the lady from the rescue and was told the Humane Society got my friend to sign a death warrant for Big Red. I was utterly shocked to say the least. I knew my friend wasn't doing well, but this was too much. At approximately 09:30 a.m. I spoke to Lynn Hilderbrand and she stated she had gone to my friends hospital bedside and had him sign the death warrant. I was appalled to hear the Humane Society, whose Mission Motto is to protect animals, was doing the complete opposite. From the moment I met this lady I knew she didn't really care about the well being of Big Red. I spoke to the Cruelty investigations officer Frank Padilla and asked him for more time. At least until the next work day, to see if I could obtain some kind of court injunction. Mr. Padilla was ruthless and told me I had no say in the matter. I was, in essence, the guardian to these pets and here he was telling me I had no say. I went to the hospital and my friend stated that Mrs. Hilderbrand made him see the light and that it was the best for the dog. I have never heard of such an outlandish lie. They were so eager to put my Big Red down, a young 3 1/2 year old, healthy dog. I didn't want to press my friend because I knew he wasn't doing well so I left.

I tried in vain to get them to hold off until tomorrow, a legal working day and it was to be Tuesday, February 20th, 2018. I finally resigned myself and asked them to let me say goodbye to Red. I had just seen him that morning and he hadn't drank or eaten anything. I found out they had the dog in their possession. I spoke to Frank Padilla but he kept hanging-up on me, twice to be precise. He implied that I would be able to say goodbye. I made it over to the office and asked for Padilla, they had me wait and wait. I finally asked for the director, Terri Seymour and she just started to go off on me, saying I kept calling and harassing, when that was far from the truth. I told her I am only looking to say goodbye to Big Red and nothing more. After attacking me verbally, she left. I waited altogether for about 20 minutes. Frank Padilla came to the front office. I told him lets not waste time, he knew why I was there. He walked nonchalantly and with a smirk on his face and said, "Its already been done." Big Red was dead. I turned to Padilla and stated he was an ***hole, he told me to have a nice day.

I can't for the life of me understand why they would go through such great lengths to have this dog euthanized. He had been neutered in the morning, no food or water all day and murdered in the afternoon. I once needed their services, when a dog got hit in front of their location and all they could say was take it to animal control services. Yet, when it was about getting a dog euthanized, they will go straight to your hospital bed. These people must resign or be fired. I have thought it out well and they have no reason at all to be in charge of animals, whatsoever. It would have not bothered anyone by waiting just one more day or let me give him a proper goodbye. My friend at that time was in no way able to make a proper decision.

Please, I beg of you, if you love animals, sign this petition. It may be too late for Big Red, but together we may be able to save other animal lives.