Make more closely-spaced 12 speed cassette options, Campagnolo!®

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At present Campagnolo only makes three versions of its 12 speed cassettes for road bikes: 11-29T, 11:32T and 11-34T. While these are fine options for climbing in the mountains, it leaves the rest of us flatlanders hauling around oversize sprockets that we simply don't need!

We want to see more closely-spaced cassettes become available!
I personally would like to see a cassette with the largest cog being 25T or 27T.

Or what about a straight-block 12-23T cassette with the following gear progression: 12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23T

This would be ideal for flat stage road races. I'm sure many professional or elite cyclists would agree with me.

Back in the old days, my MTB had a 12-28T cassette. WHAT IS GOING ON TODAY?! The aim was for a more closely spaced cassettes. Why do you assume that everyone wants the widest gear range possible? Some of us want more closely-spaced cassettes, even if it means the % difference jumps between gears aren't the same at one end of the cassette compared to the other.

Please – make it happen.

leslie dean brown