STERILISATION OF FEMALE DOGS IN VADODARA To avoid unnecessary stray dog deaths .

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There are a number times we all have passed by the bodies of dead dogs and puppies which have made our hearts cry abusing humanity. We often hear about cases in which dogs have been killed heartlessly .

Why does this happen?

The stupidest thing to blame for all those murders is the overgrown stray population which doesn't give anyone the right to take lives of such friendly and innocent creatures. Even humans are overpopulated so when are we starting to kill them?

Accdents happen due to alot of reasons where even careful drivers end up riding over puppies as some encounters happen in a short duration. *No defence for the retards who just ride over them 

What can we do?

All we can do now is sterilise female dogs in order to minimise stray population to make these cruel acts less happening. Female dog sterilisation started a few years ago but wasn't as effective as it should have been

As mankind has ran out of hearts big enough to give it's best friend some room. 


Devansh Solanki