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V.U.J.C Social Problems Class: Students fight racism in a small town

On inauguration day, a small Indiana town was shocked by a publicly displayed racial slur. Think about it. It is not rare to hear racially offensive remarks in conversation, especially in jokes where the speaker intends to be “funny.” What is the message that we send if we respond with silence? We believe that to not respond to the offensive statement is to accept it. Our college class is responding in a way that clearly says we do not support the offensive display, and we want to promote a positive message. Each person has worth and deserves dignity. We have created a banner with the message, “’We the people’ support diversity.” It is being publicly displayed in this small Indiana town. We ask that you sign our petition, indicating that you support our message. We hope that our sign is seen as a positive, constructive response to a message that was upsetting to our community. If you agree, please sign our petition.

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Dr. Laura Gibson
I support your message!

Dear VUJC Social Problems class,
I applaud your efforts to fight racism and promote a positive message about diversity. Please add my name to your petition to indicate I support your message.