Continue the Worldwide Tour: David Bowie Is

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David Bowie Is. "Tracing Bowie’s shifting style and sustained reinvention across five decades, highlights include artwork for the Diamond Dogs album, iconic photographs by Kevin Cummins and Terry O’Neill, and a set design for Bowie’s successful Serious Moonlight tour. The collection features several collaborations with artists and designers, demonstrating how Bowie’s work was influenced by and also influenced wider movements in art, design, theatre and contemporary culture." -V&A 

David Bowie has impacted our world in many different ways. This amazing tour giving fans a very diligant look into his career. 

Sadly, as it hits it's last show in Brooklyn, the tour is coming to an end. Many people have not gotten the oprotunity to see this, and many would like to see it again. The tour is very successful in what it's trying to do. 

If it was considered to prolong the tour and go to more places around the world, it would be awesome for the fans. We all loved it so much and would appreciate a return. 

From all of us who signed this petition, around the world,

We will not let you down if you keep it going, so lets do that!

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