Allow UTP students to download their exam slips regardless of financial status

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Students in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) are not able to download their final exam slips, thus not being able to attend the final exam which will take place next week (6 December 2018) if they have not settled their finance such as tuition and accommodation fees.

Not all students are scholars or come from wealthy backgrounds, making it difficult to pay tuition fees. In one 3-month semester containing 15 credit hours, the tuition fee lies around the RM7000 to RM8000 range. This is a very large sum, considering it is per semester, of which we have three per year. Students whose families have financial difficulties will find this a very large burden to bear.

Furthermore, some scholars and students whose tuition fees have been settled have had no update in their financial status; UTP has not acknodwledged their payment. This is an obstacle for students who now have to go to the Finance Department to show proof of payment where usually it is done automatically.

As students who already have academic burden and social burden put upon us, we do not need anymore difficulties especially from UTP management who should make our experience in UTP easier. Some students worry that they may fail this semester due to their fees not being paid. As a research university, academics and honour should be held in higher regard than finance. 

By allowing students to download their exam slip regardless of financial status, UTP management has the power to relieve students of a burden they should not have to bear.