Change Utah's flag

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-It's time for Utah to adopt a new flag. Unfortunately, the current design is bland and unoriginal. Like many other states, Utah has a cookie-cutter flag featuring the state seal on a dark blue background. Let's give Utah a flag that is unique so that when people see it from afar they can tell it's Utah's flag , as is the case with the state flags of Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas. Utah is a great state, it's time we have a great flag. The image above is a rough sketch of a flag design that would certainly be a decent replacement. It is simple, but captivating. The dark blue bottom portion of the flag is an outline of a segment of the Wasatch Front, some of Utah's most famous mountains. Dark blue, or union blue, represents the field of blue on the U.S. flag, showing Utah's loyalty to the nation it is part of. The light blue upper portion depicts the clear, blue sky over Utah, representing our state's bright present, as well our hope for a continuously bright future. The overall elements of nature on the flag symbolize Utah's breathtaking vistas and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. The beehive in the center is Utah's most iconic symbol. It is adorned by the word "industry" because Utahns are  an industrious people. The two dates that appear are the two most significant dates in Utah's history. 1847 was the year that the Mormon pioneers settled the Salt Lake Valley and 1896 was the year that Utah was admitted to the United States of America. And lastly, the name of our state, Utah, is written in bold letters across the upper portion of the banner to leave no doubt in the mind of the viewer that this is Utah's flag.

-This flag design would also make a pretty cool license plate.