Level and Standardize the Running Track at Clark Field

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The Caven Lacrosse and Sports Center at Clark Field is used by many people on campus for recreational and athletic activities. It is especially busy in the morning and in the evening as different groups regularly engage in activities such as physical training and sport practice. One of the most used utilities at Clark Field is its peculiar “444-yard recreational jogging track.”

While it may be considered a jogging track, the track at Clark Field is utilized heavily for running and sprinting as it is the only option for outdoor track running for most people who live on campus.

Given this context, the track at Clark Field has several glaring issues. Firstly, the track is not leveled as there is a noticeable incline near the foot bridge towards the Rec Sports Center and an equally noticeable decline near the big “Central Cooling Station No.3.” This is significant as incline cardio is much more resistive than flat running while decline cardio only serves to provide the illusion of speed. Secondly, the track is oddly shaped and has tight turns around the public exercise stations. When you are moving at a fast pace, these turns are troublesome to navigate as they require you to slow down or risk injury. Both of these options are inconducive to good training. Thirdly, the track is 444 yards while most conventional tracks are 440 yards. While these issues alone may not seem like such a big problem, taken together, the defects with the track are problematic as it can not provide a stable running surface for its users. This is a detriment to the performance and safety of the people who use the track at Clark Field and, as such, the issues with the track should be considered for rectification.

One such solution is to level the track, so that there are no changes in elevation, and to standardize it to a conventional olympic track, in order to rid it of its tight turns and its unusual distance.



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